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Why Foot Care is Important for Seniors

Why Foot Care is Important for Seniors

Your Feet Take You Everywhere, So Treat Them Right!...®

Senior Foot
Foot pain and discomfort is an unfortunately common issue for many seniors today. Foot pain can be a side effect of regular aging and wear and tear or it can be an early indicator of a systemic condition. This can include circulatory issues, arthritis or even diabetes. The more that seniors and their caregivers are on the lookout for some of the different signs of developing foot issues, the easier it can be to prevent more serious issues from forming.

Common signs of developing foot issues include:

  • Discoloration of hair around the legs and feet
  • Exceptionally dry skin
  • Brittle toe nails
  • Cramping in the feet
  • Numbness or tingling in the feet
Part of this regular care not only includes looking for some of these signs and symptoms of developing issues, but also making sure that the feet are staying clean and comfortable. Regular care includes:
  • Looking for blisters or sores on the feet that are failing to heal properly
  • Checking the senior's socks to make sure that they are seamless and not too tight. Socks should also be able to wick away moisture
  • Proper toenail care, including keeping the senior's toenails clean, filed and cut short
  • Examining a senior's shoes to make sure that they have comfortable and supportive shoes that provide plenty of support
  • If there is a buildup of foot odor, make sure that the senior's feet are being cleaned regularly
  • Ensuring that seniors are getting enough blood flow to their feet with regular movement, stretching and exercise
All of these steps should be a regular part of any senior's routine. If seniors are unable to stay on top of this type of foot care on their own, it is important that their caregivers step in and make sure that their feet are being taken care of.

Good foot care is equivalent to good dental care. It is about more than just treating issues when they arise, it is about taking care of the feet regularly and developing a routine that will keep the feet stimulated and active. This not only includes regular activity, but considering other treatments as well, such as reflexology and massage. If you are worried about your loved one's feet, or if they are complaining about pain, soreness or tingling, then it may be time for a trip to the podiatrist, who can help you get to the bottom of these issues.

As The FootMate System®, one of today's leading foot care solutions puts it, "your feet take you everywhere, so treat them right." There is no more relevant statement when it comes to emphasizing the importance of proper foot care. The older seniors get, the more they need to take care of their feet so they can make sure they are taking them exactly where they want to go during this important time in their lives.

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