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Your Feet Will Love You!...®

Made in the USA
The FootMate® Foot Transformation System® is proudly made in the United States of quality mildew and stain resistant materials.

The contoured brush design of the FootMate® Foot Transformation System® cradles the foot for comfortable positioning and contains:

  • Over 11,000 bristles contoured to cradle foot
  • Soft inner bristles to gently massage tender areas of the foot
  • Stiff outer bristles to smooth rough and/or dry skin
  • Suction cups to help keep the FootMate® in place during use
  • Footpads on either side to ensure the FootMate® stays in place on surfaces where suction cups won't easily adhere
  • Anti-skid surface helps ensure balance
  • Mildew resistant retrieval rope allows easy lifting of the FootMate® from the shower or bath eliminating bending or stooping

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