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"We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Footmate System! I put it in the shower, step onto the brushes and use the Aloe soaking gel. It’s so easy and convenient! I had calluses on my feet from running around in sneakers, and this luxurious Footmate cleaned off everything. Thank you for a great product!!"
~ Lydia

"I purchased a Footmate® through a Canadian Amazon site. I am so impressed with the quality of the product I have decided to carry them in my retail store. I researched several different foot cleaning products but found the Footmate® to be of the highest quality, with its firm curved bristles and flaps on either side, it makes it very easy to step on the flap to keep in place while subbing the opposite foot. I am a 55 yrs old male in good shape but find it hard to balance on one foot to clean the other. This product allows me to clean my feet with ease, my feet have never been so clean. I'm going to give everyone in my family one for Christmas this year. Thank you for designing such a great product, I'm sure I will sell lots of these at our retail store."
~ Tim Lester, Lester Communications, Inc., Brampton Ontario, Canada

"I thought about getting this for some time before actually purchasing. I'm glad I did! The suction cups adhere well to the tub and scrubbing my feet has never been easier. Good design!"
~ Sally

"I LOVE MY FOOTMATE®! It is the most wonderful new foot product for anyone who wants to take care of the most important thing... OUR FEET! I have Morton’s Neuroma in both my feet it not only does it massage but also stimulates the pain at the same time... I wouldn’t let a day go by that I would not use my Footmate®! I also love the Tea Tree Oil Gel that works with it... I am thrilled I purchased it and plan to order more for Family & Friends... .Thank you again for making such a wonderful product!"
~ Sharon L.

"Every shower should come with a FootMate® System! It’s the most relaxing and soothing way to clean your feet and the gel cleanser gives a cooling sensation that makes my feet feel so good after a workout or a long day of standing. My husband, who loves to go barefoot, finally has clean feet and my 20-year-old son insisted I get one for his shower, too. The FootMate® System helped smooth and soften my heels and is a little treat for my feet every time I shower."
~ Mary F.

"I recently had hip surgery and have been frustrated about not being able to cleanse my foot thoroughly. The sponge on a stick method was okay but not effective. This footcare system is amazing! It feels great and is exceptionally easy to use. I know that it is doing an effective job. I have no regrets about this purchase and highly recommend it to anyone considering purchasing it. The bristles are amazingly comfortable with massaging the foot and helping to exfoliate dried skin. I absolutely love this product!"
~ Current FootMate® System User

"I've been using my FootMate® System for over 10 years now and it is still in great condition! I am oxygen dependent and overweight and the FootMate® System does a wonderful job cleaning my feet without forcing me to bend over or reach down. I stand behind this product and plan to buy one for all my family and friends!"
~ Current FootMate® System User

"I was given the FootMate® System as a gift from my niece and haven't gone a day without using it since! I am diabetic and the FootMate has given me the mental freedom to stop obsessing about my feet and know that they are being properly cleaned and cared for. Besides that- IT FEELS GREAT! I look forward to cleaning my feet now! It's no longer a chore, cleaning my feet has become a LUXURY!"
~ Sharon K.

"I recently bought my FootMate® and my feet have never felt and looked as good as they do now. It's everything the website ad promises. I'm disappointed I didn't discover FootMate years ago."
~ Robert L.

"The FootMate secures firmly to the tub and the bristles perform wonderfully. I ended up placing it along the back incline of my tub. I think the FootMate is well made and will last for quite some time."
~ John F.

"I love using the FootMate®- not just for the hygiene benefit but also for the mental/emotional benefit that comes from a really soothing, stress-reducing foot massage. From the first time I used the FootMate I feel more balanced and energized for the day. Now I don't have to wait for the next pedicure to get a great foot massage; with the FootMate I can treat myself to a wonderful foot massage every day! I am so impressed with the FootMate that I just ordered one each for my sisters and my elderly mom. Aka a very happy & satisfied customer!"
~ Suzie S.

"The price was right on this Footmate® from Amazon, which will give your feet the workout and the cleaning they deserve for all the work they do. Use this with your shower once a week or more, and your feet will thank you every day. The Rejuvenating Gel is good, but you can use any good shower or foaming gel with it. I've been using one of these for many years and am glad to have this fresh replacement."
~ P.Schroeder

"I am a diabetic, and this makes me feel like my feet are a lot cleaner than when I bend down to manually wash them."
~ Current FootMate® System User

"I love this foot 'scrub.' It tickled at first but after a few times, I got used to it. I really like this product."
~ Kelly

"This one works for me! I am disabled and have to use a shower chair while showering. It feels unsafe to bend down to clean my feet. I have used others which were bulky and would not stick to my bathtub. This one takes less space! This one has more suction cups and stayed where I put it. The bristles get up on the sides of my feet. I love the feel of the 2 types of bristles."
~ Ritare

"For those of us with lower back issues, this product is a highly effective method for foot hygiene. Simple and effective, practical in any size shower."
~ Bill

"I have tried several of the "foot cleaning" systems sold in other catalogs. They were too light to do a good job. This one is easy to hold down either using the suction cups or with the other foot. And the bristles, while sturdy, are comfortable. They stimulate my circulation and I can tell that all parts of my feet and toes have feeling. I don't plan to lose any parts of my body to my diabetes and this is one more tool in that fight."

"Being a large woman I have difficulty reaching my feet to get them clean. This product is a perfect solution to that problem. It is large and wide enough for me to get my feet really clean. It even feels like a foot massage!"
~ Jann

Available In 4 Colors
Available In 4 Colors
Available In 4 Colors
Available In 4 Colors
Available In 4 Colors
Available In 4 Colors

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